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Feel free to browse the site, leave a message or view the videos below – an excerpt from my latest solo show, BECOMING JOAQUIN, and, in its entirety, my short film, A SOUTH BRONX TALE. (Video of TRANS PLANTATIONS coming soon.) For bookings, please email: Gracias por visitar, y cuidate! Thanks for visiting and take care.

Becoming Joaquin (excerpt)

2013-08-15 14:44:14 admin

Written and performed by Janis Astor del Valle, Becoming Joaquin is a solo play about a transgender Latino, his family and girlfriend, who are in therapy, struggling to accept his transition from a lesbian to a transman. In this scene, Joaquin tells a fellow bar patron how a series of events — and Oprah — led to his coming out, with disastrous results.

Becoming Joaquin premiered as a workshop production at Hartford Stage, produced by CLARO (Connecticut Latinos Achieving Rights and Opportunities) in 2010. Since then, Janis has toured the piece, performing at such venues as B.A.A.D. (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance), True Colors at UCONN, Wesleyan University’s Green Street Art Center, DePaul University, and Housatonic Community College.

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A South Bronx Tale (short film)

2013-08-12 18:28:48 admin
Written and directed by Janis Astor del Valle Produced by Kurt Enger Director of photography: Chris Green Starring: Taina Sanchez, Christine DeJesus, Veridiana Montas, Rafael Payano, AnaMaria Correa. (12:45 min.; DV; 2003, 2009) 15-year old Ariana lives in one of the most homophobic 'hoods in the South Bronx, so coming out is not an option. Straddling two worlds works fine for Ariana -- until she feels her life and reputation are threatened. Then, Ariana must choose between honoring herself or her traditional Latina culture.
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