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One-Woman-Show: Becoming Joaquin

2013-08-15 14:44:14 admin

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Short Film - A South Bronx Tale

2013-08-12 18:28:48 admin
Written and directed by Janis Astor del Valle Produced by Kurt Enger Director of photography: Chris Green Starring: Taina Sanchez, Christine DeJesus, Veridiana Montas, Rafael Payano, AnaMaria Correa. (12:45 min.; DV; 2003, 2009) 15-year old Ariana lives in one of the most homophobic 'hoods in the South Bronx, so coming out is not an option. Straddling two worlds works fine for Ariana -- until she feels her life and reputation are threatened. Then, Ariana must choose between honoring herself or her traditional Latina culture.
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