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press notes

“Go see the play and ask yourself ‘is del Valle’s understanding or definition of love that much different than your own?’ Leave lust out of the equation – we’re talking about love, the love you feel holding your partner’s hand as you sleep or walk through the streets after dinner, the love you feel when he or she comes home after a hard day at work or following a business trip, the love you cannot put into simple sentences.”
– Richard Kamins, Hartford Courant

“Fluidly shifting her position on the stage, as well as her voice rhythms, accents, inflections, and gestures, Astor del Valle seamlessly embodies six people as they work through coming to terms with Joaquin’s decision to transition to maleness.”
– Lourdes Torres, Exploring Latino Masculinities

“The label ‘one-woman show’ seems almost misleading for this play. It is true that del Valle was the only performer to grace the stage, but her skilled, dynamic story-telling exposed the audience to numerous other characters in her life…”
– Divya Gunasekaran, The Dartmouth

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